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A unique resource for both the beginning bead worker looking for guidance and the experienced craftsperson looking for inspiration. Includes a gallery of over fifty designs with detailed, full-color photographs that accompany step-by-step instructions...


This best-selling bead work book provides basic beading techniques along with hints gleaned from the author’s extensive experience...


This collection of photos of traditional accessories, clothing, cradleboards, utensils, and more is a look at Blackfoot material culture at its finest.


Traditional Work of the Southwest

Indian Arts & Crafts Association and Council for Indigenous Arts & Crafts


Scott Sutton's latest craftbook expands on the knowledge and skills presented in his first book, Beadwork Techniques of the Native Americans.


This easy-to-follow book explains each technique in detail, with instructions that are simple and clearly written.


A complete beading resource written for both beginners and advanced beaders with over two hundred illustrations and photographs of forty-seven beadwork pieces. The emphasis here is on traditional Native American techniques.


This how-to book introduces two types of Indian finger weaving–warp face weaving and interface weaving–with an emphasis on finger woven powwow dance regalia.


First published in 1969, this expanded third edition contains patterns for 28 moccasin types covering more than 30 tribes along with historical information.


Sacred Symbols, Sacred Space


Materials, Design, & Construction


This book features many photographs of pow-wows and dance regalia from over the past 100 years, along with...